Translational medicine encompasses aspects of medicine from laboratory research, preclinical studies, clinical trials, clinical practice, through to diagnostics and therapy and combination technologies with a focus on cross-functional collaboration between researchers and clinicians.

Translational Biophotonics (TBIO) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to bridging the gap in translating medical photonic research into clinical practice. Optical and photonic technologies have proven their potential regarding specific diagnostic and therapeutic needs in proof-of-concept studies; however, their actual effectiveness has rarely been tested under routine clinical conditions on larger databases/patient cohorts.

In extension to its sister journal - Journal of Biophotonics (JBIO) - Translational Biophotonics serves as a platform for translating photonic methods and technologies in all medical areas to solve unmet medical needs in diagnosis and therapy. The symbiosis between photonics and medicine serves as the bridge in integrating translational research into clinical practice.

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, letters, preclinical and clinical validation studies. TBIO will also feature tutorial reviews that help researchers and clinicians understand the common ground in their work.

Print ISSN: 2627-1850
Online ISSN: 2627-1850
Language of Publication: English