The European Journal of Immunology (EJI) is an official journal of EFIS. Established in 1971, EJI continues to serve the needs of the global immunology community covering basic, translational and clinical research, ranging from adaptive and innate immunity through to vaccines and immunotherapy, cancer, autoimmunity, allergy and more as detailed in the Aims and Scope below. Mechanistic insights and thought-provoking immunological findings are of interest, as are studies using the latest omics technologies. We offer fast track review for competitive situations, including recently scooped papers, format free submission, transparent and fair peer review and more as detailed in our policies.

Aims and Scope

EJI is an immunology research journal, focusing on various aspects of immunology including, but not limited to:


Basic: Adaptive immunity, Innate immunity, Leukocyte and lymphoid organ ontogeny, Molecular immunology and signaling, New technology, Tissue immunology and leukocyte trafficking


Basic/Clinical studies*: Allergy and inflammation, Immunity to infection, Immunodeficiencies and autoimmunity, Transplantation and tolerance, Immunomodulation and Immune Therapies, Tumor immunology


*Clinical studies
EJI's editorial team understands the experimental restrictions of clinical/human studies. EJI considers descriptive clinical papers without a mechanism, provided that the studies are hypothesis-driven with a clear rationale and informative results that forward our understanding of immunological processes and disease

Print ISSN: 0014-2980
Online ISSN: 1521-4141