Small Structures is a premium interdisciplinary journal, providing a new home for cutting-edge research on sub-macroscopic structures across various dimensions and multiple disciplines, including but not limited to chemistry, physical & materials science, engineering, and life sciences. The scope of the new journal is intentionally broad to encompass integrative and collaborative nano-/microscale research; it covers a wide variety of topics as listed below:

  • Atomic/chemical and crystal structures; micro-/meso-/nanostructures; miniaturized devices and device structures
  • Experimental and theoretical research on how structures affect materials properties and impact on their application
  • Biological systems and functions of (macro)molecular structures
  • Structures of organelles, phase separation, cell–cell interactions, and their functions in life science and medical applications
  • Database structures and analysis toolkits for bioinformatics

Small Structures publishes original research articles, review articles, in addition to perspectives, editorials, and comments. The accepted/unedited articles will be published online and become citable immediately after acceptance, while the final edited and typeset version of record will appear afterwards.

Online ISSN: 2688-4062
Language of Publication: English