Engineering in Life Sciences covers all technological aspects of Industrial, Environmental, Plant and Food Biotechnology, especially those related to the new, emerging fields of interest: White Biotechnology and Bioenergy.

The journal reflects the modern and fast moving nature of engineering in life sciences and serves as a worldwide forum for the exchange of scientific information in this field, its interdisciplinary character supporting the transfer of scientific results of industrial biotechnology, as well as of environmental studies into technological processes. Concentrating on technology rather than on fundamental biological phenomena, it provides particularly useful insights into engineering applications.

Rapid recent advances in genetic and metabolic engineering, systems biology, cell culture, tissue engineering and other biomedical applications have generated virtually unlimited potential for altering the capabilities of living systems expanding the scope of biotechnology, generating new applications for biological products and providing unprecedented ability to control life processes. A primary component of the mission of Engineering in Life Sciences is to facilitate the realization of this immense potential.

All papers on microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, and applied environmental studies are technologically relevant, and there is a strong focus on bioprocess and biochemical engineering. Thus, the journal helps to drive advances in the covered fields, in terms of both research & development and the implementation of basic knowledge.

Out of scope

Engineering in Life Sciences will not consider submissions consisting of marginal advancements and narrow application potential, such as medium and fermentation optimizations without technical novelty, biosorption studies without presentation of an innovative method or insights into the mechanism, and cloning and characterization studies without functional data or demonstrated applications.

The journal publishes 6 online only issues per year including independently peer reviewed Research Articles, Short Communications, Reviews and Technical Reports.

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