Bautechnik (Structural Engineering), the journal for the entire civil and structural engineering sector. For all materials and engineering disciplines. Constructive. Bautechnik (Structural Engineering) is the discussion platform for all engineers in construction.

Current and futuristic themes, scientific first publications combined with reports from construction practice, a clear layout: this concept has made Construction Technology one of the most successful magazines in civil engineering – for more than 90 years!


  • Design, calculation and construction of engineered structures
    Maintenance and refurbishment of structures
  • Construction process and operation
  • Geotechnics and foundation engineering
  • Safety concepts, standards and legal questions
  • Building culture and the history of construction engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Energy generating structures
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Timber structures

Print ISSN: 0932-8351
Online ISSN: 1437-0999