In the journal Stahlbau (Steel Structures), more than 100 specialist articles and project reports covering the entire field of steel construction are collected each year. The latest results of research and application-oriented reports from the practice are of great assistance for the daily work of the engineer. The journal is issued 12 times a year.

Topics include:

  • Design and construction of structures
  • Methods of analysis and calculation
  • Experimental and theoretical research projects and results
  • Steel buildings and bridges
  • Composite construction
  • Structural glazing
  • Cable and membrane structures
  • Jointing techniques
  • Developments in refurbishment, erection and deconstruction technologies
  • Vessels, cranes and hydraulic engineering structures
  • Standards and legal issues

In addition, Stahlbau includes reports on product innovations from the construction industry.

Steel Construction, the specialist journal that was launched in September 2008, extends the publishing programme to include an English-language journal for the structural steelwork sector. The scientific and technical papers in Steel Construction are primary publications, too. The two journals Stahlbau and Steel Construction bring together the steel construction communities from research and practice on national and international levels. They are complementary and mirror the worldwide development and status of knowledge in steel construction.

Print ISSN: 0038-9145
Online ISSN: 1437-1049