Published in German.

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt – German Institute of Building Technology), Berlin

Bauregelliste A, Bauregelliste B and Liste C (Construction Products List A, Construction Products List B and List C), which are published annually, contain the latest, updated building authority requirements for the use of construction products. They include those materials and forms of construction that are subject to building authority regulation.

Bauregelliste B (Construction Products List B) covers products subject to European regulation and labelled with the corresponding CE marking.

These publications are indispensable works of reference for all building contractors, planners and building experts.

Amendments and supplements to the lists during the year are published in the bi-monthly DIBt Mitteilungen (DiBt News).

Liste A: Overview of regulated and non-regulated construction products and forms of construction according to the federal state building regulations
Liste B: Construction products according to the EU directives with CE marking
Liste C: Construction products of minor significance in terms of building legislation

Print ISSN: 1862-3077
Online ISSN: 1862-3093