Steel Construction publishes peerreviewed papers covering the entire field of steel construction research. In the interests of "construction without depletion", it skilfully combines steel with other forms of construction employing concrete, glass, cables and membranes to form integrated steelwork systems. Since 2010 Steel Construction is the official journal for ECCS- European Convention for Constructional Steelwork members. You will find more information about membership on the ECCS homepage.

Topics include:

  • Design and construction of structures
  • Methods of analysis and calculation
  • Experimental and theoretical research projects and results
  • Composite construction
  • Steel buildings and bridges
  • Cable and membrane structures
  • Structural glazing
  • Masts and towers
  • Vessels, cranes and hydraulic engineering structures
  • Fire protection
  • Lightweight structures

In addition, Steel Construction includes reports on innovations from the construction industry.

An internationally renowned Editorial Board assures a highly interesting selection of topics and guarantees the high standard of the contributions.

Together with the journal Stahlbau (Steel Structures), which has been published in German by Ernst & Sohn since 1928, Steel Construction mirrors the worldwide development and status of knowledge in steel construction.

The scientific and technical papers in both journals are primary publications.

Steel Construction and Stahlbau represent a unique fusion of the steel construction communities from research and practice on national and international levels in two complementary, professional journals.

Print ISSN: 1867-0520
Online ISSN: 1867-0539