Advanced Biosystems is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and international journal covering all aspects of biology. Biology is understood in its broadest sense as life sciences research from multiple disciplines including but not limited to biology, chemistry, physics, medical science and computer science applied to biologically relevant systems at all scales ranging from molecular to whole organism level and beyond. The journal provides a forum for significant novel findings of wide biological relevance from both basic as well as applied research with a particular focus on – but not limited to – the following areas:

  • Cell and molecular biology, including aging, transcription, translation, DNA replication, biochemistry, circadian biology, metabolic pathways, host-pathogen interactions
  • Systems biology, including “omics” studies (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics) and bioinformatics
  • Synthetic biology, including artificial organisms, molecular machines, genetic engineering
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including stem cells, artificial organs, organoids, immunoengineering
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering, including DNA and protein engineering, metabolic engineering, industrial microorganisms, biocatalysis and biofuels
  • Immunology, including adaptive and innate immunity, molecular immunology and signaling, allergy and inflammation
  • Microbiology, covering both prokaryotic (bacteria, archaea) and eukaryotic (fungi, protists, microalgae) microorganisms as well as viruses and prions
  • Structural biology, covering the molecular structure of biological macromolecules (proteins, DNA, RNA, lipids)
  • Neuroscience, including cell and molecular neuroscience, neuroengineering, developmental neuroscience, neurophysiology
  • Cancer, including metastasis, molecular aspects of cancer biology, biomarkers
  • Developmental biology, including regeneration and asexual reproduction
  • Genetics and epigenetics
  • Ecosystems and evolutionary biology

ISSN: 2366-7478 (online).

Currently 12 issues per year.

Online ISSN: 2366-7478
Language of Publication: English
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