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The Serbs

Cirkovic, Sima M.

The Peoples of Europe


1. Edition April 2004
356 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-631-20471-8
John Wiley & Sons

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This sweeping history of the Serbian people starts with thesettlement of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula in the seventhcentury and ends with the dissolution of Yugoslavia at the end ofthe twentieth century.

* * A comprehensive survey of the development of the Serbiannation.

* Provides the background history of the Serbs, essential tounderstanding their current situation.

* Traces the history of the Serbian people from the sevenththrough to the late twentieth century.

* Focuses on the process of integration and disintegration whichhave characterised Serbian history.

* Pays detailed attention to socio-economic history.

List of Plates.

List of Maps.

Preface and Acknowledgments.

Introduction: Time, Space, and People.

1. Ancient Heritage:.

The Roman Provinces.

Settlement Of The Slavs.



The Theme Of Serbia And The Principality Of Serbia.

The Kingdom Of Dalmatia And Dioclitia.

The Town Of Ras And Raka Land.

2. The Dynasty Of Sacred Roots:.

Nemanja's Legacy.

Independent Kingdom.

The Autocephalous Archbishopric.

Stability Put To The Test.

Two Kingdoms.

Economic Development.

Dynastic Ideal And Reality.

The Empire.

Land Of The Emperor And Land Of The King.

Unfinished Society.

Rift Within The Dynasty.

3. Between The Cross And The Crescent:.

The New Lords And The End Of The Dynasty.

Transferring The Kingdom (Translatio Regni) To Bosnia.

The Battle Of Kosovo - Reality And Myth.

The Consequences.

The Despot And His Land.

The Restless Littoral.

Economic Progress.

Continuity As An Ideal.

Burden Of The Double Vassalage.

The Chronicle Of Demise.

4. The Sultan's Protected Subjects:.

The Old And The New.

Flight, Migration, And Settlement.

The Orientalization Of Towns: Varos And Kasaba.

Economic Life.

Clans And Clan Society.

Church In Slavery.

From Submission To Rebellion.

5. The Emergence Of Modern Christian Society:.

A New State Framework.

Extending and reorganising The Framework.

Peasants And Citizens, Soldiers And Nobles.

Christian Education.

The Beginning Of The Europeanization.

6. In Era Of Democratic Revolutions:.

"The Serbian Revolution".

Imposed Revolution.

From The Prince's Autonomy To The AutonomousPrincipality.

The Serbs And Serbia In The Revolution of 1848.

7. National State: For And Against:.

Changing In Reality And Changes In Ideas.

Ruling Nation.

National Minority.

In The Center Of The Great Eastern Crisis (1875-8).

Diverging Paths of Development.

Constitution And Parlament Put To The Test.

Times Of War.

8. All Serbs In One State:.

Between Unitarian Ideal And Pluralistic Reality.

Yugoslavia Decreed.

Death And Resurrection.

Reconstruction And Development.

Modernization Through Socialism.

Epilogue: Breakup Of The Federation And The Struggle For ANational State.

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Sima Cirkovic is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Belgrade and a member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has published widely on medieval Balkan history, especially the history of the Serbs. His book on medieval Serbs has been published in Italian, French, and Russian, and he is a co-author of A History of Yugoslavia (1974).

S. M. Cirkovic, University of Belgrade