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The Formula for Success

How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm

Leach, Samuel


1. Edition July 2019
208 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-85708-822-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Unleash your full potential. Take control of your financial future.

At twenty years of age, Samuel Leach was studying at university. He appeared to be a typical student, but there was something different about him. Whilst his classmates were engrossed in their studies, as well as their burgeoning social lives, Samuel was adding another facet to his education. He was teaching himself the science and art of trading. With nothing more than a boxer's heart and drive, Samuel turned £2k into £178k in his first year, and a few short years later, he rose to global renown by building his new enterprise to become a multi-million-pound trading business. From delivering an acclaimed TedTalk to running webinars, events, conferences, and training over 2,000 people from over 90 countries, Samuel's list of achievements continues to grow.

The obvious question is how did he accomplish so much in such a short period of time? Samuel Leach's secret to success is understanding the patterns and algorithms of the financial system. These same principles can be applied to life skills and general business skills alike. The Formula for Success will show you how. This insightful book will show you how analysing patterns, mapping behaviours and seeing the potential in your unique talents can lead to success. Learning practical lessons drawn from Samuel's first-hand experiences, you will discover how to apply his formula to your life. This inspiring, valuable book will help you:
* Apply the principles of algorithms and pattern-recognition to any and all areas of your personal and financial life
* Join the scores of teachers, postal workers, firefighters and many other hard-working members of society who have found prosperity and success with Samuel's help
* Understand the fundamental principles of algorithms without complex maths and confusing theory
* Learn how to identify and strengthen the attributes that are vital for success

The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm is the first step toward personal, professional and financial achievement.

Introduction ix

What is an algorithm? xi

Why do algorithms matter? xiv

How to get the most from this book xvii

1. Mind over money 3

1. Mindset is fundamental 5

2. Education is crucial 10

3. Understand the broader picture of trading 12

4. Be patient 14

2. School was an education 19

A beacon of decency 21

Out of the fire and into the firing line 22

Expelled for conforming 25

3. Boxing clever 29

The ancient art of the old one-two 32

Box clever and learn 44

4. Trading fate for fortune 47

Taking my second chance 49

Attracted to wealth and enlightened by a liar 51

Buying stock with my bursary 54

5. My call to duty 61

Pursuing any passion unleashes ability 64

Pursuing my call to duty 67

I died a thousand times 70

6. Trust travels 75

Actions speak louder than words 77

What other people think does matter 80

The young entrepreneur 82

Never judge a person by their tracksuit 84

Redline Specialist Cars 86

7. My word is my bond 89

From angry to focused and finding my feet 91

Who is Samuel Leach? 95

8. Finding the you-nique in you 101

Who are you? 103

Trading up your talents 106

How to make the change 108

9. Take risks but never gamble 115

Risk versus gambling 117

Risk profiles 118

Never take a punt on anything 120

Trade to win 122

Take risks patiently 124

10. The rebellious trader 129

Incidents and ethics 131

My own private war on oil 134

And giving to the poor ... 137

Settling down and growing up 139

11. Leach Theory 143

Leach Theory 146

Step 1: Choose wisely 147

Step 2: Identify their traits 148

Step 3: Compare the key characteristics 156

Step 4: Make an implementation plan 158

Samuel's Leach Theory Algorithm 161

12. Feeling uncomfortable 169

Growth lessons from a lobster 171

Looking for the uncomfortable 173

A practical tool for dealing with discomfort 175

Taking the plunge and coming up wealthy 179

Conclusion: Finding your algorithm 181

The Traders' Challenge 183

Finding your algorithm 185

Index 187
At 18 years of age, Samuel Leach turned £2k into £178k in 12 months on the London stock exchange, while also studying at university.
He now runs a multi-million-pound trading business and has just floated his crypto-currency business on LSE for £25m. He has also trained 2000 students worldwide in Forex Training, done a TedTalk, run webinars, events, training and conferences.