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Brill Kid - The Big Number 2

Awesomeness - The Next Level

Cope, Andy / Oattes, Gavin / Hussey, Will


1. Edition October 2021
240 Pages, Softcover
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-0-85708-891-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Brill Kid - The Big Number 2 takes Awesomeness to the next level!

It's rock solid 'personal development' with a difference. A BIG difference! It's aimed at 7 to 11s, the exact age when mental habits are created. The book picks up where Diary of a Brilliant Kid left off - raising the bar from mental health to mental wealth, enabling young people to flourish in a world that's hell bent on knocking them sideways.

It's about happiness and wellbeing. It tells you how to shine when the world's a bit dull. It's about learning to be your best self and hanging in there when the world's doing its worst. It's got oodles of content about self-care, kindness and confidence. It's got facts, diagrams, stories, activities, quotes and jam. Yes jam, the sticky sweet stuff we all love.

It's about setting you up for a long and happy life. This number 2 will make your eyes water but leave you with a big smile on your face.

Dollop 1: You are the meal REAL deal

Dollop 2: The parable of the okay day

Dollop 3: Weird science

Dollop 4: LEGO 4 LIFE

Dollop 5: No chapter in a book of this kind would be complete without a chapter about internet stuff and screen time. Hey presto! This is THAT dollop but don't worry, we're absolutely not going to lecture you about getting off your games console. So chill! Dollop 5 is a lot cleverer than that. It's so hot it's actually steaming! But for goodness sake don't jump straight into the book here. It's best if you read Dollops 1, 2, 3 and 4 first because they kind of set the scene

Dollop 6: The great Jam Ripple of 2008

Dollop 7: How to train your parents

Dollop 8: The ULTIMATE poetry challenge

Dollop 9: Joe's Amazing Technicolour Wheelie-Bin

Dollop 10: Chip 'n' Pin: The Money Savvy Kids(TM)

Dollop 11: Daymares

Dollop 12: 'It'
From the multi-layered cupcake consisting of Andy Cope (Doctor of Happiness), Gavin Oattes (stand-up comedian), Will Hussey (an actual real teacher) and Amy Bradley (best illustrator evs) - this is your guide to building a life and becoming a pineapple.

G. Oattes, Member, District of Columbia Bar