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A Companion to Anthropological Genetics

O'Rourke, Dennis (Editor)

Blackwell Companions to Anthropology


1. Edition August 2019
496 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-118-76899-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore the latest research in anthropological genetics and understand the genome's role in cultural and social development

A Companion to Anthropological Genetics illustrates the role of genetic analysis in advancing the modern study of human origins, populations, evolution, and diversity. Broad in scope, this essential reference work establishes and explores the relationship between genetic research and the major questions of anthropological study. Through contributions by leading researchers, this collection explores molecular genetics and evolutionary mechanisms in the context of macro- and microevolution, paleontology, phylogeny, diet, and disease, with detailed explanations of quantitative methods, including coalescent and approximate Bayesian computation.

With an emphasis on contextualizing new and developing genetic research within anthropological frameworks, this text offers critical perspective on the conditions of molecular evolution that accompany cultural and social transformation, while also addressing critical disciplinary questions, such as the ethical issues surrounding ancestry testing and community-based genetic research.
* Acts as an essential reference on the contributions of genetic science to the field of anthropology
* Features new work by leading researchers of the field
* Explores the evolution of immunity, including the genetics and epigenetics of pathogens, chronic illness, and disease resistance
* Provides in-depth examination of mutation and dietary adaptation, including AMY1, lactase persistence, and sensory polymorphisms
* Explains essential quantitative and phylogenetic methods for aligning genomic analysis with evolution and migration time scales

Offering thorough coverage on leading questions and developing research, A Companion to Anthropological Genetics is a comprehensive resource for students and scholars.

About the Editor xi

Notes on Contributors xiii

Preface xix

Part I Anthropological Genetics in Context 1

1 History and Evolution of Anthropological Genetics 3
Michael H. Crawford

2 The Ethics of Genetic Ancestry Testing 17
Nanibaa' A. Garrison and Jessica D. Bardill

3 Community-Oriented Research and the Future of Anthropological Genetics 37
Ripan S. Malhi

Part II Macroevolution and Phylogenetics 45

4 Calibrating the Clock 47
Murray P. Cox

5 Primate Genomics and Phylogenetics 57
Christopher A. Schmitt and Omer Gokcumen

6 The Neanderthal and Denisovan Genomes 69
Sloan R. Williams

7 Evaluating Correspondence in Phenotypic Variation, Genetic Diversity, Geography, and Environmental Factors 89
Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel

8 Simulating Human Demographic Processes and Patterns of Genetic Variation 107
Aida T. Miró-Herrans

Part III Microevolution: Colonization, Dispersal, and Differentiation 121

9 Human Population Structure and History 123
John H. Relethford

10 Regional Patterns of Variation: Concepts and Applications 137
Graciela S. Cabana

11 Genetic Variation and the Colonization of Eurasia 151
Toomas Kivisild

12 Homo sapiens Dispersal and the Peopling of the Americas 165
Rafael Bisso-Machado and Nelson Jurandi Rosa Fagundes

13 Ancient DNA and Bioarcheology 187
Jennifer A. Raff

Part IV Human Adaptation: Natural Selection and Physiological Variation 199

14 Tempo of Recent Human Evolution 201
Michael D. Weight and Henry C. Harpending

15 Natural Selection and Adaptation to Extreme Environments: High Latitudes and Altitudes 219
Abigail W. Bigham

16 Sensory Polymorphisms and Dietary Adaptation 233
Carrie C. Veilleux

17 The Evolution of the Human Pigmentation Phenotype 251
Heather L. Norton

18 Anthropological Genetics and Growth and Development 267
Bradford Towne, Ellen W. Demerath, and Stefan A. Czerwinski

19 Epigenetics and Human Variation 293
Amy L. Non and Zaneta M. Thayer

Part V Anthropology, Genetics, and the Evolution of Health and Disease 309

20 The Primate Immune System: A Survey of Innate and Acquired Immune Genes 311
Leslie A. Knapp and Nicole S. Torosin

21 Genetics, Evolutionary Medicine, and the Evolution of Human Pathogens 327
Amanda VanSteelandt and Anne C. Stone

References 343

Index 445
Dennis H. O'Rourke, PhD, is Foundation Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the University of Kansas, USA, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Utah, USA. He is co-editor of Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective, Second Edition (Wiley Blackwell, 2012), associate editor of The International Encyclopedia of Biological Anthropology (Wiley Blackwell, 2018), and has authored articles and book chapters on topics in biological and genetic anthropology. His current research focuses on the use of genetic data to identify signatures of population migration, colonization, and expansion in the North American high arctic.

D. O'Rourke, University of Utah, USA