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Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding

Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications

Jaroszewski, Maciej / Thomas, Sabu / Rane, Ajay V.


1. Edition December 2018
464 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-12861-8
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive review of the field of materials that shield people and sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic fields

Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding offers a thorough review of the most recent advances in the processing and characterization of the electromagnetic shielding materials. In this groundbreaking book, the authors--noted experts in the field--discuss the fundamentals of shielding theory as well as the practice of electromagnetic field measuring techniques and systems. They also explore applications of shielding materials used as absorbers of electromagnetic radiation, or as magnetic shields and explore coverage of new advanced materials for EMI shielding in aerospace applications. In addition, the text contains methods of preparation and applicability of metal foams.

This comprehensive text examines the influence of technology on the micro-and macrostructure of polymers enabling their use in screening technology, technologies of shielding materials based on textiles, and analyses of its effectiveness in screening. The book also details the method of producing nanowires and their applications in EM shielding. This important resource:
* Explores the burgeoning market of electromagnetic shielding materials as we create, depend upon, and are exposed to more electronic devices than ever
* Addresses the most comprehensive issues relating to electromagnetic fields
* Contains information on the manufacturing, characterization methods, and properties of materials used to protect against them
* Discusses the important characterization techniques compared with one another, thus allowing scientists to select the best approach to a problem

Written for materials scientists, electrical and electronics engineers, physicists, and industrial researchers, Advanced Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding explores all aspects in the area of electromagnetic shielding materials and examines the current state-of-the-art and new challenges in this rapidly growing area.

Chapter 1: EMI Shielding Fundamentals
Aswathi M .K, Ajay Vasudeo Rane, Ajitha A R, Sabu Thomas and Maciej Jaroszewski

Chapter 2: EM Noise and Its Impact on Human Health and Safety
Halina AnioBczyk

Chapter 3: Electromagnetic Field Sensors
Vishnu Priya Muralia, Jickson Joseph and Kostya (Ken) Ostrikovb

Chapter 4: Shielding efficiency measuring methods and systems
Saju Daniel and Sabu Thomas

Chapter 5: Electrical Characterization of Shielding Materials
B. J. Madhu

Chapter 6: Magnetic Field Shielding

Chapter 7: Recent Progress in electromagnetic absorbing materials
Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, Astha Dutta and Sabu Thomas

Chapter 8: Flexible and transparent EMI shielding materials

Chapter 9: Polymer-Based EMI Shielding Materials
Chong Min Koo, Faisal Shahzad, Pradip Kumar, SeunggunYu, Seung Hwan Lee and Jun PyoHong

Chapter 10: Textile based shielding materials
ulija Baltusnikait-Guzaitien and Sandra Varnait-?uravliova

Chapter 11: Graphene and CNT based EMI shielding materials
Prof. Dr. M.D. Teli and Sanket P. Valia

Chapter 12: Nanocomposites based EMI shielding materials
Hossein Yahyaei and Mohsen Mohseni

Chapter 13: Silver nanowires as shielding materials
Feng Xu, Wenfeng Shen, Wei Xu, Jia Li and Weijie Song

Chapter 14: Advanced Carbon based Foam materials for EMI Shielding
Ajitha A R, Anu Surendran, Aswathi M .K, Geethamma V G and Sabu Thomas

Chapter 15: Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Materials for Aerospace Application: A State of Art
Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, Martin George Thomas, Jiji Abraham, Kuruvilla Joseph and Sabu Thomas

Chapter 16: Metamaterials as Shielding Materials
Yogesh S Choudhary and Gomathi N

Chapter 17: Double percolating EMI shielding materials based on polymer blend nanocomposites
Mohammed Arif P, Jemy James, Jiji Abraham, K. Nandakkumar and Sabu Thomas

Chapter 18: Mechanical Performance Characterization of EMI Shielding Materials Using Optical Experimental Techniques
Wenfeng Hao, Can Tang and Jianguo Zhu
MACIEJ JAROSZEWSKI, PHD, is an Assistant Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Head of the High Voltage Laboratory at Wroc??aw University of Science and Technology, in Wroc??aw, Poland.

SABU THOMAS, PHD, is the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University and the Founder Director and Professor of the??International and Interuniversity Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.??

AJAY V. RANE is a doctoral research fellow, at Durban University of Technology in the Composites Research Group.