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Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions

Marquardt, Hauke / Ballmer, Maxim / Cottaar, Sanne / Konter, Jasper (Editor)

Geophysical Monograph Series


1. Edition August 2021
512 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-52861-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A multidisciplinary perspective on the dynamic processes occurring in Earth's mantle

The convective motion of material in Earth's mantle, powered by heat from the deep interior of our planet, drives plate tectonics at the surface, generating earthquakes and volcanic activity. It shapes our familiar surface landscapes, and also stabilizes the oceans and atmosphere on geologic timescales.

Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions brings together perspectives from observational geophysics, numerical modelling, geochemistry, and mineral physics to build a holistic picture of the deep Earth. It explores the dynamic processes occurring in the mantle as well as the associated heat and material cycles.

Volume highlights include:
* Perspectives from different scientific disciplines with an emphasis on exploring synergies
* Current state of the mantle, its physical properties, compositional structure, and dynamic evolution
* Transport of heat and material through the mantle as constrained by geophysical observations, geochemical data and geodynamic model predictions
* Surface expressions of mantle dynamics and its control on planetary evolution and habitability

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Table of contents

List of Contributors


Section I: State of the mantle: Properties and dynamic evolution

1 Long-Wavelength Mantle Structure: Geophysical Constraints and Dynamical Models
Maxwell L. Rudolph, Diogo L. Louren, Pritwiraj Moulik, and Vedran Lekic

2 Experimental Deformation of Lower Mantle Rocks and Minerals
Lowell Miyagi

3 Seismic Wave Velocities in Earth's Mantle from Mineral Elasticity
Johannes Buchen

4 From mantle convection to seismic observations: Quantifying the uncertainties related to anelasticity
Bernhard S.A. Schuberth, Tobias Bigalke

5 Geochemical Diversity in the Mantle
Takeshi Hanyu and Li-Hui Chen

6 Tracking the evolution of magmas from heterogeneous mantle sources to eruption
A. Mallik, S. Lambart, and E.J. Chin

7 Super-deep diamonds: emerging deep mantle insights from the past decade
Evan M. Smithand Fabrizio Nestola

8 Seismic and mineral physics constraints on the D" layer
Jennifer M. Jackson, Christine Thomas

9 Towards consistent seismological models of the core-mantle boundary landscape
Paula Koelemeijer

Section II: Material transport across the mantle: Geophysical observations and geodynamic predictions

10 Dynamics of the upper mantle in light of seismic anisotropy
Thorsten W. Becker and Sergei Lebedev

11 Mantle convection in subduction zones: Insights from seismic anisotropy tomography
Zhouchuan Huang and Dapeng Zhao

12 The cycling of subducted oceanic crust in the Earth's deep mantle
Mingming Li

13 Towards imaging flow at the base of the mantle with seismic, mineral physics and geodynamic constraints
Andy Nowacki and Sanne Cottaar

14 Seismic imaging of deep mantle plumes
Jeroen Ritsema, Ross Maguire, Laura Cobden, and Saskia Goes

Section III: Surface Expressions: Mantle controls on planetary evolution and habitability

15 Observational estimates of dynamic topography through space and time
Mark Hoggard, Jacqueline Austermann, Cody Randel, and Simon Stephenson

16 Connecting the Deep Earth and the Atmosphere
Trond H. Torsvik, Henrik H. Svensen, Bernhard Steinberger, Dana L. Royer, Dougal A. Jerram, Morgan T. Jones, and Mathew Domeier

17 Mercury, Moon, Mars: Surface expressions of mantle convection and interior evolution of stagnant-lid bodies
N. Tosi and S. Padovan
Hauke Marquardt, University of Oxford, UK

Maxim Ballmer, University College London, UK

Sanne Cottaar, University of Cambridge, UK

Jasper Konter, University of Hawaii at Mnoa, USA

H. Marquardt, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth Germany; University of Oxford, Oxford, UK; M. Ballmer, Institute for Geophysics ETH Zürich Sonneggstrasse, Switzerland; S. Cottaar, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK; J. Konter, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA