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A Companion to American Religious History

Park, Benjamin E. (Editor)

Blackwell Companions to American History


1. Edition February 2021
400 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-58366-0
John Wiley & Sons

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A collection of original essays exploring the history of the various American religious traditions and the meaning of their many expressions

The Blackwell Companion to American Religious History explores the key events, significant themes, and important movements in various religious traditions throughout the nation's history from pre-colonization to the present day. Original essays written by leading scholars and new voices in the field discuss how religion in America has transformed over the years, explore its many expressions and meanings, and consider religion's central role in American life.

Emphasizing the integration of religion into broader cultural and historical themes, this wide-ranging volume explores the operation of religion in eras of historical change, the diversity of religious experiences, and religion's intersections with American cultural, political, social, racial, gender, and intellectual history. Each chronologically-organized chapter focuses on a specific period or event, such as the interactions between Moravian and Indigenous communities, the origins of African-American religious institutions, Mormon settlement in Utah, social reform movements during the twentieth century, the growth of ethnic religious communities, and the rise of the Religious Right. An innovative historical genealogy of American religious traditions, the Companion:
* Highlights broader historical themes using clear and compelling narrative
* Helps teachers expose their students to the significance and variety of America's religious past
* Explains new and revisionist interpretations of American religious history
* Surveys current and emerging historiographical trends
* Traces historical themes to contemporary issues surrounding civil rights and social justice movements, modern capitalism, and debates over religious liberties

Making the lessons of American religious history relevant to a broad range of readers, The Blackwell Companion to American Religious History is the perfect book for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in American history courses, and a valuable resource for graduate students and scholars wanting to keep pace with current historiographical trends and recent developments in the field.


The Centrality, Diversity, and Malleability of American Religion

Benjamin Park

Part 1: Colonialisms

Nemasket/Middleborough and Religious Diversity in Colonial New England

Richard Boles

A View from the Philadelphia Barracks: Religion in the Mid-Atlantic

Rachel Wheeler

Africana Religions in Early America

Jason Young

Part 2: Establishment

The Loyalist Church of England Clergy and the Politics of Martyrdom in the American Revolution

Peter Walker

Freeborn Garrettson's Revolution: Religion and the American War for Independence

Christopher Jones

The First Wall of Separation between Church and State: Slavery and Disestablishment in Late-Eighteenth-Century Virginia

Sarah Barringer Gordon

Abraham Remembered: An African Captivity Tale in Early America

Jon Sensbach

The White River Witch-Hunt and Indigenous Peoples' Negotiations with Missionaries in the Era of the Early Republic

Lori Daggar

The Shakers and the Perfecting Spirit in Early America

Jennifer Dorsey

Part 3: Expansion

David Walker and Black Prophetic Religion

Christopher Cameron

Down with the Convent!": Anti-Catholicism and Opposition to Nuns in Antebellum America

Cassandra Yacovazzi

Ecclesiology and the Varieties of Romanticism in American Christianity, 1825-1850

Brent Sirota

Being Haudenosaunee: Seeing Indigenous Ontology Under American Settler Colonialism

Christian Gonzales

Mormons and Territorial Politics in the American Civil War Era

Brent M. Rogers

Black Christianity after Emancipation

Nicole Myers Turner

Part 4: Imperialism

In Search of a "Working Class Religion": Religion, Economic Reform, and Social Justice

Janine Drake

The Businessman's Gospel: Making Business Christian

Nicole Kirk

The Prohibition Crusade and American Moral Politics

Joseph Locke

Race, Ethnicity and Gender Among Early Pentecostals

Arlene Sanchez-Walsh

Religion and U.S. Federal Indian Policy

Sarah Dees

"For the Good of Mankind": Atomic Exceptionalism, Religion, and United States Empire in the Postwar Pacific

Carleigh Beriont

Part 5: Modernity

The Hate that Hate Produced: Representing Black Religion in the Twentieth Century

Vaughn A. Booker

The Pentagon Exorcism: 1960s Counter-Culture and the Occult Revival

Joseph Laycock

Native American Christians and the Varieties of Modern Pentecostalism

Angela Tarango

Sex, Politics, and the Rise of the New Christian Right

Emily Suzanne Johnson

Immigration and Religion Among Chinese Americans, 1965 to the Present

Melissa Borja

Modern Judaism and the Golden Age of Television

Jennifer Caplan
Benjamin E. Park is Assistant Professor of History, Sam Houston State University, Texas. His articles and essays have been published in Church History, Journal of the Early Republic, Journal of American Studies, Washington Post, and Newsweek, amongst others. He is the author of American Nationalisms: Imagining Union in the Age of Revolutions, 1783-1833 and Kingdom of Nauvoo: The Rise and Fall of a Religious Empire on the American Frontier.