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Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion

Chapman, Alison / Felton, Simon H.

Basic Guide Dentistry Series


3. Edition March 2021
368 Pages, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-59162-7
John Wiley & Sons

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The thoroughly revised third edition of a Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion is an essential guide to help dental nurses prepare for a qualification in Oral Health Education and thereafter practice as an Oral Health Educator. It will help readers confidently educate patients about diseases and conditions that affect the oral cavity, and support their prevention, treatment, and management.

Designed with an accessible layout to enhance learning, this course companion is divided into six sections covering: the structure and functions of the oral cavity; diseases and conditions; disease prevention; effective communication; treating specific patient groups, and oral health promotion and society.

Invaluable to all members of the dental team and other health professionals involved in educating and promoting oral health, this key text:
* Offers a guide for dental nurses taking a post-registration Certificate in Oral Health Education
* Is fully updated to reflect changes in the industry, science, and course syllabus
* Incorporates information on the new classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases
* Contains new information on topics including dementia, denture advice, and burning mouth syndrome
* Includes an expanded section on promotion




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Section 1 Structure and Functions of the Oral Cavity

1 The oral cavity in health

Section 2 Diseases and Conditions of the Oral Cavity

2 Plaque, calculus, and staining

3 Dental plaque-induced gingivitis

4 Periodontal disease

5 Caries

6 Tooth surface loss and sensitivity

7 Xerostomia

8 Other diseases and disorders affecting the oral cavity

Section 3 Oral Disease Prevention

9 Nutrition, diet, and exercise

10 Sugars in the diet

11 Fluoride

12 Fissure sealants

13 Smoking cessation and substance misuse

14 Anti-plaque agents

Section 4 Delivering Oral Health Messages

15 Communication

16 Education and planning sessions

17 Setting up a preventive dental unit

18 Planning an oral hygiene presentation to a group

19 Practical oral hygiene instruction

Section 5 Oral Health Target Groups and Case Studies

20 Pregnant patients

21 Parents and guardians of pre-11 year olds

22 Adolescent and orthodontic patients

23 Older people

24 At-risk patients and people with special needs

25 Minority cultural and ethnic populations in the United Kingdom

26 Other health professionals

27 Planning education case studies, exhibitions, and record of competence

Section 6 Oral Health and Society

28 Sociology

29 Epidemiology

30 Evidence-based prevention

31 UK dental services

32 Oral health promotion

33 Dental research

Alison Chapman is a dental hygienist, oral health education course developer and consultant.

Simon H. Felton is a health education writer and editor, oral health education course developer and consultant.

A. Chapman, Bristol Dental Hospital, UK; S. H. Felton, Professional writer, UK