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Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Midwives

Peate, Ian / Hamilton, Cathy (Editor)



1. Edition August 2022
448 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-64923-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Midwives provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the essentials of pharmacology associated with childbearing women, and improving safety and care outcomes whilst ensuring the comfort of the mother. It is essential that midwifery students have a knowledge and an understanding of pharmacology, along with an ability to recognise the positive and opposing effects of medicines from conception to birth--including allergies and drug sensitivities, side effects and adverse reactions, contraindications and errors in prescribing, and more.
* Written with the latest NMC Standards of Proficiency for Registered Midwives (NMC 2019) in mind
* Each chapter includes 'test your prior knowledge' questions, learning outcomes, and skills in practice boxes that encourage the reader to apply the theory to everyday practice
* Includes companion website for the book at that contains multiple-choice questions, powerpoint slides, glossaries, chapter references and other self-test material designed to enhance learning

Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Midwives provides a useful reference for those studying to be midwives and support clinicians in the field, helping them become safe and accountable practitioners offering competent and confident women-centred care.

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Part I Essentials of Pharmacology and Midwifery

1 Introduction to pharmacology

Jenny Brewster

2 How to use pharmaceutical and prescribing reference guides

Kirsty Fishburn and Andrea Hilton

3 Legal and ethical issues

Hema Turner

4 Medicines management

Rebecca Murray

Part II Introduction to Pharmacology

5 Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Barry Hill and Claire Leader

6 Formulations

Sinéad McKee and Cathy Hamilton

7 Adverse drug reaction

Cathy Hamilton

8 Analgesics

Iñaki Mansilla

9 Antibiotics and antibacterials

Amanda Waterman

Part III Medications Used During Pregnancy and Childbirth

10 Medications used in labour

Chin Swain

11 Medications and the cardiovascular system

Carl Clare

12 Medications and the renal system

Sam Bassett

13 Medications and diabetes

Carl Clare and Celia Wildeman

14 Medications and respiration

Helen McIntyre

15 Medications and the gastrointestinal system

Debbie Gurney

16 Medications and nutritional supplementation

Cathy Ashwin

17 Medications and the nervous system

Cathy Hamilton

18 Medications and mental health

Emmanuel Ndisang

19 Medications and the immune system

Janet G. Migliozzi and Cathy Hamilton

20 Medications and breast feeding

Deborah Sharp and Zoi Vardavaki

21 Medications and sexually transmitted infections

Celia Wildeman

22 Medications and recreational drug use

Laura Abbott and Karen Mills

23 Medications used in emergency midwifery situations

Jayne Marshall
24 Medications used in contraception

Emma Dawson-Goodey
Ian Peate, OBE, FRCN, Senior Lecturer Roehampton University; Visiting Professor of Nursing, St George's University of London and Kingston University London; Visiting Professor, Northumbria University; Visiting Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Hertfordshire, and Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nursing.

Cathy Hamilton, RGN, RM, PgDip, PGCert, MSc, is a Principal Lecturer and Lead Midwife for Education, University of Hertfordshire.

I. Peate, University of Hertfordshire, UK; C. Hamilton, University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, UK