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The Long Good Buy

Analysing Cycles in Markets

Oppenheimer, Peter C.


1. Edition April 2020
304 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-68897-6
John Wiley & Sons

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"Oppenheimer offers brilliant insights, sage advice and entertaining anecdotes. Anyone wishing to understand how financial markets behave - and misbehave - should read this book now."

Stephen D. King, economist and author of Grave New World: The End of Globalisation, the Return of History

"Peter has always been one of the masters of dissecting financial markets performance into an understandable narrative, and in this book, he pulls together much of his great thinking and style from his career, and it should be useful for anyone trying to understand what drives markets, especially equities."

Lord Jim O'Neill, Chair, Chatham House

"A deeply insightful analysis of market cycles and their drivers that really does add to our practical understanding of what moves markets and long-term investment returns."

Keith Skeoch, CEO, Standard Life Aberdeen

"This book eloquently blends the author's vast experience with behavioural finance insights to document and understand financial booms and busts. The book should be basic reading for any student of finance."

Elias Papaioannou, Professor of Economics, London Business School

"This is an excellent book, capturing the insights of a leading market practitioner within the structured analytical framework he has developed over many years. It offers a lively and unique perspective on how markets work and where they are headed."

Huw Pill, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

"The Long Good Buy is an excellent introduction to understanding the cycles, trends and crises in financial markets over the past 100 years. Its purpose is to help investors assess risk and the probabilities of different outcomes. It is lucidly written in a simple logical way, requires no mathematical expertise and draws on an amazing collection of historical data and research. For me it is the best and most comprehensive introduction to the subject that exists."

Lord Brian Griffiths, Chairman - Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics, Oxford

PETER C. OPPENHEIMER has 35 years of experience working as a research analyst. He is chief global equity strategist and head of Macro Research in Europe for Goldman Sachs. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, he worked as managing director and chief investment strategist at HSBC and was previously head of European strategy at James Capel. Prior to that, he was chief economic strategist at Hambros Bank. Peter began his career as an economist at Greenwells in 1985. He enjoys cycling and painting.