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Cloud Security For Dummies

Coombs, Ted


1. Edition May 2022
384 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-79046-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Embrace the cloud and kick hackers to the curb with this accessible guide on cloud security

Cloud technology has changed the way we approach technology. It's also given rise to a new set of security challenges caused by bad actors who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in a digital infrastructure. You can put the kibosh on these hackers and their dirty deeds by hardening the walls that protect your data.

Using the practical techniques discussed in Cloud Security For Dummies, you'll mitigate the risk of a data breach by building security into your network from the bottom-up. Learn how to set your security policies to balance ease-of-use and data protection and work with tools provided by vendors trusted around the world.

This book offers step-by-step demonstrations of how to:
* Establish effective security protocols for your cloud application, network, and infrastructure
* Manage and use the security tools provided by different cloud vendors
* Deliver security audits that reveal hidden flaws in your security setup and ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks

As firms around the world continue to expand their use of cloud technology, the cloud is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. You can help safeguard this critical component of modern IT architecture with the straightforward strategies and hands-on techniques discussed in this book.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Cloud Security 5

Chapter 1: Clouds Aren't Bulletproof 7

Chapter 2: Getting Down to Business 27

Chapter 3: Storing Data in the Cloud 43

Chapter 4: Developing Secure Software 65

Chapter 5: Restricting Access 95

Part 2: Acceptance 125

Chapter 6: Managing Cloud Resources 127

Chapter 7: The Role of AIOps in Cloud Security 145

Chapter 8: Implementing Zero Trust 173

Chapter 9: Dealing with Hybrid Cloud Environments 195

Chapter 10: Data Loss and Disaster Recovery 219

Part 3: Business as Usual 241

Chapter 11: Using Cloud Security Services 243

Chapter 12: When Things Go Wrong 265

Chapter 13: Security Frameworks 289

Chapter 14: Security Consortiums 311

Part 4: The Part of Tens 323

Chapter 15: Ten Steps to Better Cloud Security 325

Chapter 16: Cloud Security Solutions 335

Index 341
Ted Coombs is a direct descendant of King Edward of England, a former world record holder for most miles roller skated in a day, and a longtime technology guru and author. He's written over a dozen technology books on a wide array of topics ranging from database programming to building an internet site. Along the way he helped create early artificial intelligence tools and served as cybersecurity professional focused on computer forensics.