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The Wiley 5G REF



1. Edition August 2021
336 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-82031-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore cutting-edge subjects in 5G privacy and security

In The Wiley 5G REF: Security, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an insightful collection of articles selected from the online-only The Wiley 5G Reference. The editors introduce the security landscape of 5G, including the significant security and privacy risks associated with 5G networks. They also discuss different security solutions for various segments of the 5G network, like the radio, edge, access, and core networks.

The book explores the security threats associated with key network softwarization technologies, like SDN, NFV, NS, and MEC, as well as those that come with new 5G and IoT services. There is also a detailed discussion on the privacy of 5G networks.

The included articles are written by leading international experts in security and privacy for telecommunication networks. They offer learning opportunities for everyone from graduate-level students to seasoned engineering professionals.

The book also offers:
* A thorough introduction to the 5G mobile network security landscape and the major risks associated with it
* Comprehensive explorations of SDMN security, the complex challenges associated with 5G security, and physical-layer security for 5G and future networks
* Practical discussions of security for Handover and D2D communication in 5G HetNets, authentication and access control for 5G, and G5-Core network security
* In-depth examinations of MEC and cloud security, as well as VNF placement and sharing in NFV-based cellular networks

Perfect for researchers and practitioners in the fields of 5G security and privacy, The Wiley 5G REF: Security is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a solid educational foundation in the latest 5G developments.

Foreword [to follow]

List of Contributors [Content Ops/TS, please compile from the chapter opening pages]

1. 5G Mobile Networks Security Landscape and Major Risks [w5GRef145]

2. SDMN Security [w5GRef154]

3. 5G Security - Complex Challenges [w5GRef161]

4. Physical-Layer Security for 5G and Beyond [w5GRef152]

5. Security for Handover and D2D Communication in 5G HetNets [w5GRef262]

6. Authentication and Access Control for 5G [w5GRef261]

7. 5G-Core Network Security [w5GRef151]

8. MEC and Cloud Security [w5GRef168]

9. Security in Network Slicing [w5GRef166]

10. VNF Placement and Sharing in NFV-Based Cellular Networks [w5GRef264]

11. Security Monitoring and Management in 5G [w5GRef162]

12. Security for Vertical Industries [w5GRef156]

13. Introduction to IoT Security [w5GRef260]

14. Privacy in the 5G World: The GDPR in a Datafied Society [w5GRef173]

15. Structural Safety Assessment of 5G Network Infrastructures [w5GRef163]

Index [to be compiled by Wiley]
Editors-in-Chief of the Wiley 5G Reference Online:

Rahim Tafazolli is Regius Professor of Electronic Engineering, Professor of Mobile and Satellite Communications, Founder and Director of 5GIC, 6GIC and ICS (Institute for Communication Systems) at the University of Surrey, UK.

Chin-Liang Wang is Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Institute of Communications Engineering at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Periklis Chatzimisios serves as an Associate Professor, the Director of the Computing Systems, Security and Networks (CSSN) Research Lab and a Division Head in the Department of Informatics at the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki (ATEITHE), Greece.

Madhusanka Liyanage is Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland. He is the Security section editor for the Wiley 5G Reference Online.