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The Wiley Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education Learning and Teaching

Gamage, Kelum A. A. / Gunawardhana, Nanda (Editor)

Wiley Handbooks in Education


1. Edition April 2022
496 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-85282-7
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive resource for higher education professionals interested in sustainability pedagogy

In The Wiley Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education Learning and Teaching, a team of distinguished researchers delivers an insightful reference for higher education professionals seeking to embed sustainability in learning and teaching. The book offers a way for higher education institutions to implement sustainability goals in their curricula and provides comprehensive guidance to educators, researchers and practitioners.

The authors discuss recent developments in technological innovations, best practices, lessons learned, current challenges, and reflections in the area of sustainability teaching in higher education. They also examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainability education. With contributors from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, medicine, urban design, business, environmental science, and social science, the book considers the embedding of sustainability in regenerative learning ecologies, living laboratories, and transgressive forms of learning. It also includes:
* A thorough introduction to activist learning for sustainability and outcome-based education towards achieving sustainable goals in higher education
* Comprehensive explorations of factors that hinder the implementation of sustainability initiatives in higher education institutions
* Practical discussions of developing stakeholder agency in higher education sustainability initiatives
* In-depth examinations of global trends and country-specific initiatives in sustainability teaching

Perfect for education developers seeking to incorporate sustainability, The Wiley Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education Learning and Teaching is also ideal for academics, researchers, policymakers, and accreditation personnel working in the area of sustainability.

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1. Sustainable Development: Embedding Sustainability in Higher Education

Part I: Transforming the Curriculum - Pedagogy Focused Initiatives

2. Activist Learning for Sustainability: a Pedagogy to Drive Change

3. Outcome-based Education (OBE) towards Achieving Sustainable Goals in Higher Education

4. Transforming Ourselves to Transform Societies: Cultivating Virtue in Higher Education for Sustainability

5. Factors that Hinder the Implementation of the Sustainability Initiatives in Higher Education Institutions

6. Developing Stakeholder Agency in Higher Education Sustainability Initiatives: Insights from a Change Laboratory Research-intervention

7. Technology Enhanced Education Improved Students' Learning Experience in the Higher Education Context

8. Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions. Comprehensive Analysis of the Indicators and Outlook

9. COVID-19 Disruptions to SDG 4 in Higher Education Institutions

Part II: Transforming the Curriculum - Discipline-Specific Initiatives

10. Integrating Harmonious Entrepreneurship into the Curriculum: Addressing the Sustainability Grand Challenge

11. Sustaining Place Transformations in Urban Design Education: Learning and Teaching Urban Density, Mix, Access, Public/Private Interface, and Type

12. Sustainability of Innovations in Health Professions Education

13. Sustainability in Energy Systems Analysis and Design

Part III: Global Trends - Country Specific Initiatives

14. Sustainability Teaching in High Education and Universities in Spain

15. Sustainability in Higher Education in Egypt: Perception, Challenges and Way Forward

16. Youth Communicators as Engine for Sustainable Development: A Case Study for achieving SDGs in remote Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

17. Streamlining Higher Education in the Maldives: Issues and Challenges

18. Embedding Sustainability into the Education Process in The Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering, SUA in Nitra, Slovakia

19. Transformative Learning and Sustainability: Implications for Indian Higher Education

Part IV: Equity and Inclusion within Sustainability Education

20. Inclusive Education and Sustainable development: Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education for Students with Disabilities

21. Embedding Sustainability in Learning and Teaching: Communication Barriers to Learners with Special Needs

22. Sustainable Higher Education for Students with Disabilities: Comprehensive and Quality Support for All Process Participants - University of Zagreb Model

23. Barriers, New Developments and Emerging Trends in Sustainability in H
KELUM A. A. GAMAGE, PhD (LANCASTER, UK), is Associate Professor in the James Watt School of Engineering and Co-Director of the Center for Educational Development and Innovation at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

NANDA GUNAWARDHANA, PhD (BAYLOR, USA), is Director of Research and International Affairs at Sri Lanka Technological Campus.