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Rewire Your Brain 2.0

Five Healthy Factors to a Better Life

Arden, John B.


2. Edition April 2023
304 Pages, Softcover
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-89594-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Combat daily stressors and live your life to its fullest

In the newly revised Rewire Your Brain 2.0: Five Healthy Factors to a Better Life, distinguished psychologist Dr. John B. Arden delivers an essential discussion of how to apply the latest developments in neuroscience, epigenetics, and immunology to help improve your mood, memory, lives, longevity, and relationships. You'll learn to overcome mild depression and anxiety, procrastination, burnout, compassion fatigue, and a variety of other negative thought patterns.

You'll also find:
* Practical, self-help tips based on well-researched principles that are proven to work in the real world
* Ways to minimize the impact of everyday anxiety, stress, and depression and live your life to its fullest
* Tactics for improving your memory for day-to-day tasks at work and at home

A practical and hands-on roadmap to applying new advances in neuroscience, psychology, gene expression, and immune system research to everyday problems we all face, Rewire Your Brain 2.0 deserves a place on the bookshelves of professionals, athletes, parents, and anyone else susceptible to the stressors of daily life.

Preface to the Second Edition xiii

Part 1 Healthy Brain and Body 1

1 Your Adaptive Brain 3

2 Energizing Your Brain 25

3 Taming False Threats 55

4 Shifting into Action 79

Part 2 The Five SEEDS Factors 103

5 The Social Factor 105

6 The Exercise Factor 129

7 The Education Factor 145

8 The Diet Factor 165

9 The Sleep Factor 195

Part 3 Your Mind-Brain 219

10 Resiliency to Wisdom 221

References 237

About the Author 269

Acknowledgments 271

Index 273
Praise for Rewire Your Brain 2.0

"I was delightfully stunned when reading Rewire Your Brain 2.0. It's rare to find a book that seamlessly integrates the latest findings of neuroscience with practical tools for overcoming ingrained toxic lifestyle habits that sap joy and happiness. With its blend of compelling anecdotes, fascinating science, and easy-to-implement practices, Rewire Your Brain 2.0 will inspire you to change your life in ways you never before dared or even dreamed possible. Dr. John Arden has generously gifted us with a brain-and-life-changing book designed to enhance, heal and recover our innate sense of wholeness.for body, mind, and spirit. How wonderful!"--Donald Altman, author of The Mindfulness Toolbox, Simply Mindful, and Clearing Emotional Clutter

"There is so much in this book. As I read it, I thought that if I only read one book - this would be it! Dr John Arden's Rewire Your Brain draws together the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, biology and genetics to demonstrate how our minds, bodies and lifestyles interact. Packed with practical ideas, this book details actions we can readily integrate with everyday activity, providing compelling evidence for simultaneously optimizing social, emotional and physical well-being. Dr Arden eloquently explains and illustrates ways of rewiring our brains and strengthening the mental systems that lead us to long, happy and healthy lives."--Jean Annan, PhD, Author of 7 Dimensions. Children's Emotional Well-being

"This book is wonderfully entertaining and inspiring from the first pages. Neurons and even new neurons, intertwining, find new connections in the process of reading this book. Many, weaving into others, as they expand your horizons of new thinking. These new neural connections build powerful ways out of bad habits and attitudes that have blocked your life and recreate yourself. You will find this book thoroughly satisfying, accessible, and rewarding."--Svitlana Grygorieva, PhD, Associate Professor, State University Odessa, Ukraine

"A timely update for those of us invested in keeping our brains and minds healthy. Dr. Arden doesn't offer brain 'hacks' or 'hot tips', but down-to-earth, thoughtful and encouraging advice grounded in neuroscience."--Sarah McKay, PhD, Author of The Women's Brain Book

"Dr. John Arden has that rare ability to take complex biological and psychological science and translate it into easily understood concepts for mental health professionals and the general public alike. Not only does he have this translational gift, but he combines it with a creativity and keen insight that takes him to the cutting edge of what we know about healthy minds and healthy bodies. Rewire Your Brain is a powerful synergy of years of accumulated knowledge boiled down to key concepts that are fascinating, intuitive, and practical for you to live a better life. This second edition is a must for anyone who wants to know what key areas are important for overall health, why, and what to do about it, from one of our leading professionals in mental health."--Matthew Dahlitz, Editor-in-Chief, The Science of Psychotherapy, Co-author of The Practitioner's Guide to The Science of Psychotherapy

"In Rewire Your Brain 2.0, Dr. John Arden delivers a masterpiece that's sure to appeal to both professional and general readers alike. This book combines a fascinating overview of applied neuroscience with tangible steps we can all take to improve our brain and in turn improve our lives in a lasting way. By explaining how and why principles like mindfulness, social connection, and exercise work the way they do, Arden empowers all of us to foster well-being one practical step at a time. A must-have book!"--Jonah Paquette, PsyD, Author of Happily Even After, Awestruck, and The Happiness Toolbox

"Everything, you as a professional, need to know about how to nurture your most important tool - your brain - for achieving sustainable performance and long-term health, is awaiting you in Dr. Arden's remarkably well-written book, Rewire Your Brain 2.0. So, what are you waiting for?"--Sefan Falk, Executive Coach and Author of Intrinsic Motivation: Learn to Love Your Work and Succeed As Never Before

"As a clinical neuroscientist, I have always been fascinated by John Arden's ability to bring the issues of Applied Neuroscience to the ordinary public. The new edition (2.0) of his book Rewire Your Brain allows any person to apply, in his or her real life and real world, the biological basis of a positive behavior and welfare, both for brain and mind. Stimulating and beautifully written the Rewire your Brain, edition 2.0 can, contributes to develop an innovative approach to mental health."--Tullio Scrimali, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Catania, Catania, Italy, Founder and Director of ALETEIA, European Scholl of Cognitive Therapy, Enna, Italy

"Dr. Arden explains, in a clear, entertaining, and well-supported way how gene expression can be activated, how we can stimulate neurogenesis, and develop better mental and emotional states following a series of behavioral guidelines than become healthy habits. This book is the equivalent of Whitman's Song to Myself, from the perspective of Neuropsychology, a song to freedom to which human beings can aspire. It will add more life to your years."--Juan Francisco Ramírez Martínez, CENTRO MEXICANO DE PROGRAMACIÓN NEUROLINGÜÍSTICA

"In this engaging book, Dr. Arden teaches us neuroscience with clear, easy to understand and easy to remember explanations and examples. Interwoven throughout the narrative, he offers practical strategies for preserving and boosting, not only brain health, but also total wellbeing and happiness. Rewire Your Brain 2.0 is a must read!"

- Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, President, Global Positive Health Institute
JOHN B. ARDEN, PhD, is the author of fifteen books, translated into over twenty languages, including Mind-Brain-Gene: Toward Psychotherapy Integration, Brain-Based Therapy, Brain2Brain, and Improving Your Memory for Dummies. He has presented seminars in over thirty countries and in all U.S. states.

J. B. Arden, Kaiser Permanente, Vallejo, CA