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The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation

Enabling a Sustainable Future

Mastellone, Silvia / van Delft, Alex (Editor)

Wiley-IEEE Press Book Series on Control Systems Theory and Applications


1. Edition December 2023
256 Pages, Hardcover
Practical Approach Book

ISBN: 978-1-119-98361-3
John Wiley & Sons

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The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation

Bring together the theory and practice of control research with this innovative overview

Automatic control research focuses on subjects pertaining to the theory and practice of automation science and technology subjects such as industrial automation, robotics, and human-machine interaction. With each passing year, these subjects become more relevant to researchers, policymakers, industrialists, and workers alike. The work of academic control researchers, however, is often distant from the perspectives of industry practitioners, creating the potential for insights to be lost on both sides.

The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation seeks to close this distance, providing an industrial perspective on the future of control research. It seeks to outline the possible and ongoing impacts of automatic control technologies across a range of industries, enabling readers to understand the connection between theory and practice. The result is a book that combines scholarly and practical understandings of industrial innovations and their possible role in building a sustainable world.

The Impact of Automatic Control Research on Industrial Innovation readers will also find:
* Insights on industrial and commercial applications of automatic control theory.
* Detailed discussion of industrial sectors including power, automotive, production processes, and more.
* An applied research roadmap for each sector.

This book is a must-own for both control researchers and control engineers, in both theoretical and applied contexts, as well as for graduate or continuing education courses on control theory and practice.

Editorial board: Silvia Mastellone, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland; Alex van Delft,, DSM; Tariq Samad, University of Minnesota; Iven Mareels, Federation University Australia, IBM; Scott Bortoff, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs; Stefano Di Cairano, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs; Alisa Rupenyan, ETHZ.

About the Editors xi

List of Contributors xiii

Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xix

1 Introduction 1
Silvia Mastellone and Alex van Delft

1.1 Background and Motivation 4

1.2 The Cradle of Innovation 5

1.3 Final Remarks 10

References 11

Part I Infrastructure and Mobility 13

2 Data Industry 15
Amritam Das, Ramachandra R. Kolluri, and Iven Mareels

2.1 Introduction 15

2.2 Anatomy of a Data Center 20

2.3 Reducing Power in a Data Center 23

2.4 Codesigning Energy Assets 31

2.5 Beyond the Data Center 36

2.6 Conclusion 36

References 37

3 Building Automation 43
Scott A. Bortoff, Bryan Eisenhower, Veronica Adetola, and Zheng O'Neill

3.1 Introduction 43

3.2 HVAC Background 45

3.3 Industry Trends and Drivers of Innovation 60

3.4 Consequences and Implications 65

3.5 Industry Needs-Driven Innovation 67

3.6 Vision-Driven Innovation 70

3.7 Conclusions 79

References 80

4 Future Impact and Challenges of Automotive Control 85
Stefano Di Cairano, Carlos Guardiola, Andreas A. Malikopoulos, and Jason B. Siegel

4.1 Introduction 85

4.2 Internal Combustion Powertrain 86

4.3 Electrification 96

4.4 Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving 104

4.5 Connected and Integrated Transportation Systems 111

References 117

Part II Energy and Production 135

5 Control of Electric Power Conversion Systems 137
Peter Hokayem, Pieder Joerg, Silvia Mastellone, and Mario Schweizer

5.1 Introduction 137

5.2 Power Electronic Conversion Systems 138

5.3 Grid-Connected Power Converters 145

5.4 Industrial Drives 157

5.5 Research Roadmap 162

5.6 Conclusions 164

References 164

6 Robotics and Manufacturing Automation 169
Alisa Rupenyan and Efe C. Balta

6.1 Introduction 169

6.2 Vision 178

6.3 Future Challenges and Trends 188

References 189

7 Process Industry 199
Alex van Delft

7.1 Introduction 199

7.2 Existing Control Challenges in Process Industry 208

7.3 Vision of the Future Generation of Products and Processes 211

7.4 Formulation of Control Research - Directions for Process Industry 216

7.5 Conclusion: What Drives and Blocks Innovation in Process Industry? 221

References 222

Index 225

Silvia Mastellone, PhD, is Professor for Signals and Systems at the Institute for Electric Power Systems in the School of Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland. She is one of the principal investigators and Equal Opportunity Officer in the NCCR-Automation, and a member of the advisory board for the multiutility company IBB. She currently serves as the VP of Finances for the International Federation of Automatic Control, and as member of the CSS Board of Governors.

Alex van Delft, PhD, is co-founder of VanDelft.IT, the Netherlands, a technology company whose portfolio includes the areas of process control and automation, machine learning, and data engineering. Until 2020 he worked as Corporate Manager Process Control for Royal DSM in the Netherlands. He is also an active member of the Industry Committee of the International Federation of Automatic Control.

S. Mastellone, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland; A. van Delft, VanDelft.IT, The Netherlands