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Sharing Economy and Big Data Analytics

Sedkaoui, Soraya / Khelfaoui, Mounia


1. Edition February 2020
268 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-78630-506-0
John Wiley & Sons

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The different facets of the sharing economy offer numerous opportunities for businesses ? particularly those that can be distinguished by their creative ideas and their ability to easily connect buyers and senders of goods and services via digital platforms. At the beginning of the growth of this economy, the advanced digital technologies generated billions of bytes of data that constitute what we call Big Data.

This book underlines the facilitating role of Big Data analytics, explaining why and how data analysis algorithms can be integrated operationally, in order to extract value and to improve the practices of the sharing economy. It examines the reasons why these new techniques are necessary for businesses of this economy and proposes a series of useful applications that illustrate the use of data in the sharing ecosystem.

Part 1. The Sharing Economy or the Emergence of a New Business Model

1. The Sharing Economy: A Concept Under Construction.

2. An Opportunity for the Business World.

3. Risks and Issues of the Sharing Economy.

4. Digital Platforms and the Sharing Mechanism.

Part 2. Big Data Analytics at the Service of the Sharing Economy

5. Beyond the Word Big : The Changes.

6. The Art of Analytics.

7. Data and Platforms in the Sharing Context.

8. Big Data Analytics Applied to the Sharing Economy.

Part 3. The Sharing Economy? Not Without Big Data Algorithms

9. Linear Regression.

10. Classification Algorithms.

11. Cluster Analysis.
Soraya Sedkaoui is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Khemis Miliana, Algeria, as well as a data analyst and a strategic consultant. Her interests include Big Data, and the development of algorithms and models for business applications.

Mounia Khelfaoui is a Researcher and Maitre de conferences at the University of Khemis Miliana. Her research mainly focuses on sustainable development and all the relevant themes, with a focus on the social responsibility of organizations.