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Inkjet Printing in Industry

Materials, Technologies, Systems, and Applications

Zapka, Werner (Editor)


1. Edition August 2022
46 Pictures (43 Colored Figures)
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34780-3
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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This handbook provides an indispensable overview of all essential aspects of industrial-scale inkjet printing. Inkjet printing, as a scalable deposition technique, has grown in popularity due to its being additive, digital, and contact-free. Given these advantages, the technology can now be used in stable and mature industrial-scale applications. As the mechanisms for inkjet printing have improved, so too have the versatility and applicability of this machinery within industry. The handbook's coverage includes inks, printhead technology, substrates, metrology, software, as well as machine integration and pre- and post-processing approaches. This information is complemented by an overview of printing strategies and application development and covers technological advances in packaging, security printing, printed electronics, robotics, 3D printing, and bioprinting. Important topics like standardisation, regulatory requirements, ecological aspects, and patents.

Readers will find:

* The most comprehensive work on the topic with over 75 chapters and more than 1,500 pages relating to inkjet printing technology
* The inkjet-printing expertise of corporate development engineers and academic researchers in one manual
* A hands-on approach utilizing case studies, success stories, and practical hints that allow the reader direct, first-hand experience with the power of inkjet printing technology.

The ideal resource for material scientists, engineering scientists in industry, electronic engineers, and surface and solid-state chemists,"Inkjet Printing in Industry" is an all-in-one tool for modern professionals and researchers alike.

Detailed overview of the book chapters (W. Zapka; WZA-Consulting)

Wood graining effects in inkjet printing (S. Hoath; Univ. of Cambridge)
Can we determine reliable jetting performance from an inkjet ink? (P. Smith; Univ. of Sheffield)

Comparing inkjet printing with other printing processes, mainly screen printing (G. Huebner et al; Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart)

Inkjet ink formulations: Overview and fundamentals (A. Kamyshny et al; The Hebrew University Jerusalem)
UV-curable alkenyl monomers and oligomers - the backbone chemistry of UV inkjet inks (Jürgen Baro et al; BASF SE)
Photoinitiators for UV inkjet applications (K. Dietliker et al; SCD GmbH)
UV-inkjet inks for applications in industrial inkjet printing, including low-migration inks for food packaging (M. Graindourze; AGFA)
UV curable inkjet inks for label printing - case study: Labelfire 340 (T. Paul; Heidelberger Druckmaschinen)
Electron beam curing of inks and coatings (D. Illsley et al; Sun Chemical)
Dye sublimation inkjet ink (M. Xu; Sawgrass Technologies)
Ceramic inks (A. Martinez et al; Zschimmer&Schwarz)
Inks for security printing (G. Promis; Diversified Nano DNSC)
Inks for conductive mass production with digital printing (F. de la Vega et al; PV Nanocell)
Advanced inkjet processes for optoelectronics (displays) and related applications (C. Boeffel et al; Fraunhofer Inst. IAP)
Deliberate formulation for regulated markets (water-based inkjet inks and primers) (J. A. Ortiz; MEMJET)
Deinking - How to get the ink off the paper (A. Fischer; INGEDE)

Hewlett Packard printhead technology (J. Przybyla et al; Hewlett Packard)
Konica Minolta printhead technology (A. Tomotake; KonicaMinolta)
Dimatix printhead technology (B. Paulson; FUJIFILM Dimatix)
Xaar's inkjet printing technology and applications (A. Condie et al; XAAR)
Seiko's RC1536 inkjet printhead (A. Eranpurwala; SEIKO Instruments)
Toshiba Tec printhead technology (K. Taira et al; ToshibaTec)
Memjet printhead technology (T. Roetker; MEMJET)

Glass substrates for industrial inkjet applications (T. Wiegel et al; SCHOTT AG)
Coating substrates to match ink performance and meet user requirements (P. le Galudec; PLG Consultant)
Paper and paper-based substrates for industrial inkjet printing (W. A. Schmidt et al; Schoeller Technocell)

Measurement of complex rheology and jettability of inkjet inks (T. Tuladhar; TRIJET)
Measurements of inkjet droplet size, velocity, and angle of trajectory (W. D. Bachalo; ARTIUM technologies)
Drop watcher technology and print quality analysis (Y. Kipman et al; ImageXperts)
Automating measurement techniques for product development (J. E. Holmes et al; DOMINO Printing Sciences)
Print inspection (I. Trachanas; Heidelberger Druckmaschinen)
UV inks / UV radiation sources and UV radiation measurements (J. Baro et al; BASF SE)
Online and offline testing of printheads (H. Wijshoff; Canon Production Printing Netherlands)

Overview UV curing, good polymerization process (M. Theiler; encom AG)
Priming for inkjet printing on textiles (E. Sowade et al; Zschimmer&Schwarz)
Plasma pre- and post processes (D. Korzec et al; Relyon Plasma)
UV-lamps (Ch. Beechey et al; Integration Technology)
UV LED ink curing: UV LED technology and solutions for integration into industrial inkjet printing (D. Exner; Phoseon Technology)
UV-direct curing: UV-supermatt surfaces with low migration (R. Mehnert; Innovative Surface Technologies IOT)
Electron beam curing - knowhow and possibilities for industrial inkjet processes (M. Fischer et al; Fischer Solutions)
Electron beam (EB) processing for industrial inkjet printing (M. Ishikawa et al; Hamamatsu Photonics)
IR - drying/processing (K. O. Baer; adphos Digital Printing)
Photonic curing (V. Akhavan et al; PulseForge)

Color management software - Connecting industrial print hardware with the outside world (T. Kirschner et al; ColorGATE)
Data flow/handling (S. Simske; Colorado State Univ.)

Machine integration at Notion Systems: Inkjet printing of solder mask (D. Volk et al; Notion Systems)
Machine integration by Industrial Inkjet IIJ: lessons learnt (J. Corrall; Industrial Inkjet IIJ)
Inca's experience of system integration (N. Campbell et al; Screen GP IJC ltd)
Hymmen's digital décor printing (C. Brinkmeyer; HYMMEN)
Development of image quality and reliability for the digital press Accuriojet KM1 (T. Mizutani et al; KonicaMinolta)

Comparison of analog and digital printing specifically for printed electronics (T. Rohland et al; InnovationsLab Heidelberg)
Digital functional printing based on nano metal inks (J. Keck et al; Hahn-Schickard Institut)
Inkjet in the PCB-production (printed soldermask, legend etc) (M. Kennert et al; Würth Elektronik)

Robot-based direct digital printing on freeform surfaces (D. Fechtig; PROFACTOR)
Inkjet-based direct-to-shape printing with partial or full coverage of the object - technical challenges and solutions for printing process, handling systems, and workflow (B. Buck; Heidelberger Druckmaschinen)
Xaar 1003 printhead on robot arm (R. Trip et al; XAAR)
Robotics for inkjet-based 2 ½ D printing; direct-to-shape (D. Vogel et al; MABI Robotic AG)

3D printing/additive manufacturing (N. Hopkinson et al; Xaar3D ltd)
Printed electronics going 3D - an overview on structural electronics (L. Schranzhofer; PROFACTOR)
HP's Metal Jet 3D printing technology (J. Stasiak et al; Hewlett Packard)
3D printing of optics (E. Beckert; Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering)
Continuous serial 3D production with a rotating platform - a completely new method to increase the productivity of AM systems (H. Mathea et al; dp polar)
3D printing in the automotive industry (S. Beetz)

Industrial applications of 3D inkjet printing in the Life Sciences (J. Stasiak et al; Hewlett Packard)

HP's inkjet presses for industrial corrugated packaging (J. Przybyla et al; Hewlett Packard)
Dekron's direct printing technology (A. Lyashenko et al; KRONES)
Achieving cost-effective, high-volume digital printing of laminates: key component selection and test criteria (J. Geerinckx; UNILIN Technologies)
Inkjet-based security printing (F. Peinze; Bundesdruckerei)

Printing strategies (S. Simske; Colorado State Univ)

Inkjet-related standards: background and status (S. Hoath et al; Univ. of Cambridge)

Regulatory and safety aspects of ink formulation and use (M. Thompson et al; DOMINO printing)

Sustainability and eco-footprint - concepts for the application of circular economy criteria for printing systems and their use when printing on paper, labels and direct-to-object (M. Has; PAGORA INP Grenoble)

Patents on inkjet technology and materials (A. Strevens; I4inkjet limited)
Patents and licencing (J. Geerinckx et al; UNILIN Technologies)
Since 2019 Werner Zapka operates as independent consultant in the inkjet printing industry, and he organizes the Technical Conference at the annual INPRINT fairs.
In 1980 Werner Zapka earned his Ph.D. in physics at the Max-Planck-Institute in Göttingen, Germany, on design and applications of excimer and dye lasers. He then moved to IBM Research Labs, USA and IBM Germany, engaging himself for 14 years in research and development in semiconductor, MEMS, electronic packaging and laser technology.
From 1995 to 2019 he was manager of the Advanced Application Technology team with a focus on digital fabrication at XaarJet AB (Järfälla, Sweden). He and the Xaar team focused on development of new inkjet applications and processes for the industrial market.
From 2009 to 2015 he also served as adjunct professor at KTH Stockholm to develop inkjet-based smart packaging solutions.
In 2016 Werner Zapka was awarded with IS&T?s Gutenberg Prize for his contributions to industrial inkjet printing and digital fabrication.