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Scent and Chemistry

The Molecular World of Odors

Ohloff, Günther / Pickenhagen, Wilhelm / Kraft, Philip / Grau, Fanny


2. Edition August 2022
448 Pages, Softcover
291 Pictures (51 Colored Figures)
Professional Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-34855-8
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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Historical Aspects
The Chemical Senses
Structure-Odor Relationships
Odorants from Natural Sources
Odorants from Petrochemical Sources
Ionones, Damascones, and Iso E Super
Essential Oils
Odorants of Animal Origin
Fragrance Creation

Günther Ohloff (1924?2005) studied Pharmacy in Königsberg and Erlangen, as well as Chemistry at the TH Dresden. After his Ph.D. with Heinrich Wienhaus he moved to Schimmel, Miltitz, in 1951, but left Eastern Germany in 1953 for Dragoco, Holzminden. From 1959?1962 he stayed at the Max Planck Institute, Mülheim, and then joined Firmenich, Geneva, where he was research director from 1968 until his retirement 1989. His price-awarded scientific work is documented in 228 publications and 111 patents.
Wilhelm Pickenhagen (*1939) obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Paris with Edgar Lederer. After a fellowship with George Büchi at MIT, research chemist and then department head at Firmenich, Geneva, general manager Flavor Technology at Firmenich, Princeton, and from 1996?2003 head of corporate research of Dragoco, Holzminden. Lecturer and Honorary Professor at the University of Göttingen and lecturer at the ISIPCA Versailles. He has authored 60 scientific and 29 patent publications.
Philip Kraft (*1969) studied Chemistry at Kiel University, and obtained his Ph.D. with Werner Tochtermann on macrocyclic musks in collaboration with H&R. In 1996, he joined the fragrance research of Givaudan and was promoted to the ranks of chief chemist (2001), group leader (2008) and research fellow (2015) with a special focus on rational odorant design. He has authored 97 publications and 38 patents, invented seven commercially successful perfumery materials, and read Fragrance Chemistry at the University of Bern, Zurich, and the ETH Zurich. In 2021, he joined Symrise, Holzminden, and now offers his Fragrance Chemistry course at the University of Göttingen.
Fanny Grau (*1980) studied Chemistry at the University of Toulouse and obtained her PhD in catalytic chemistry from the University of Nice. In 2007, she joined Symrise, Holzminden, as a post-doctoral researcher in odorant discovery and in 2009 started her perfumery training with Marc vom Ende, winning the Patchwork Perfumery contest. In 2012, she was promoted to perfumer and after a stay in Mexico City working in all segments, she is now focused on fine fragrances in São Paulo with a plethora of creations on the market for numerous brands.