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Volume 2: Environmental Aspects

Krug, Harald (Editor)

Nanotechnology (Series Nr. 2)


1. Edition May 2008
XVI, 328 Pages, Hardcover
Handbook/Reference Book

ISBN: 978-3-527-31735-6
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

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This cutting-edge reference addresses the impact nanotechnology has on the environment. From risks to benefits covered by leading professionals in the field and aimed at a multitude of skill levels and disciplines.

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This second volume in the nine-volume series is concerned solely with environmental aspects, explaining the risks and benefits of nanotechnology to our planet in one comprehensive volume. As such, the expert authors cover pollution prevention and treatment using nanotechnology as well as the impact of nanomaterials on the environment. Further chapters are devoted to the measurement and detection of nanoparticles within the atmosphere and to epidemiological questions. Adopting an industrial ecology perspective, several chapters cover the antipollution and antimicrobial effects of photocatalytic surfaces as well as nanosized photocatalysts in environmental remediation. Finally, there is a discussion of the benefits of these innovative materials in reducing energy consumption.

Pollution prevention (Bernd Nowack)
Photocatalytic Surfaces: Antipollution and Antimicrobial Effects (Norman S. Allen, Michele Edge, Joanne Verran, Gonzalo Sandoval)
Nanosized photocatalysts in environmental remediation (Jess P. Wilcoxon, Billie Abrams
Pollution sensing and detection (Joydeep Dutta)
Benefits in energy budget (Ian Ivar Suni)
An industrial ecology perspective (Shannon M. Lloyd, Deanna Lekas)
Ageing of nanoparticles/nanomaterials in the environment (Ulrich Pöschl)
Measurement and detection of nanoparticles within the environment (Thomas Kuhlbusch)
Epidemiological questions (Irene Brüske-Hohlfeld)
Nanomaterials in the environment - possible adverse effects (Harald F. Krug)
Harald Krug is now head of the Department for Materials Biology Interactions of the Empa, St. Gallen, Switzerland. Previously he was Professor at the Institut for Toxikology und Genetics a the Research Centre Karlsruhe (FZK). His research focus on the health and environmental risks of nanotechnology.

H. Krug, EMPA - Materials Science & Technology, St. Gallen, Switzerland