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Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Analysis and Design

McQuiston, Faye C. / Parker, Jerald D. / Spitler, Jeffrey D.


6. Edition July 2020
640 Pages, eText
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ISBN: 978-1-119-62879-8
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Preface xi

About the Authors xiii

Symbols xv

1. Introduction 1

2. Air-Conditioning Systems 22

3. Moist Air Properties and Conditioning Processes 49

4. Comfort and Health--Indoor Environmental Quality 85

5. Heat Transmission in Building Structures 119

6. Space Heating Load 158

7. Solar Radiation 181

8. The Cooling Load 216

9. Energy Calculations and Building Simulation 279

10. Flow, Pumps, and Piping Design 299

11. Space Air Diffusion 366

12. Fans and Building Air Distribution 394

13. Direct Contact Heat and Mass Transfer 461

14. Extended Surface Heat Exchangers 482

15. Refrigeration 529

Appendix A. Thermophysical Properties 583

Appendix B. Weather Data 596

Appendix C. Pipe and Tube Data 605

Appendix D. Useful Data 608

Appendix E: Charts 611

Index 615
Faye C. McQuiston is professor emeritus of Mechanical andAerospace Engineering at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater,Oklahoma. He is an active member of the American Society ofHeating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE),recently completing a term as vice president. He has served on theBoard of Directors and the Technology, Education, Member, andPublishing Councils, and he is past member of the Researchand Technical, Education, and Standards Committees. Dr.McQuiston is a registered professional engineer and a consultant toseveral system design and equipment manufacturing firms. He isactive in research related to the design of heating andair-conditioning systems, particularly heat-exchanger designand simulation and load calculations. He has written extensively onheating and air conditioning and is the coauthor of a basic fluidmechanics and heat transfer text.

Jerald D. Parker is a professor emeritus of mechanicalengineering at Oklahoma Christian University after serving 33 yearson the mechanical engineering faculty at Oklahoma State University. During his tenure at Oklahoma State, he spent one year onleave with the engineering department of Du Pont in Newark,Delaware. He has been active at both the local and national levelin ASME, where he is a fellow. In ASHRAE he has served as chairmanof the Technical Committee on Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer,chairman of a standards project committee, and a member of theContinuing Education Committee. He is a registered professionalengineer

Jeffrey D. Spitler is a professor of mechanical andaerospace engineering at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.. Heis an active member of ASHRAE and has served on several technicalcommittees, a standards committee, and the Student ActivitiesCommittee. He also serves on the board of directors of theInternational Building Performance Simulation Association. He is aregistered professional engineer and has consulted on a number ofdifferent projects.

F. C. McQuiston, Oklahoma State University; J. D. Parker, Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts; J. D. Spitler, Oklahoma State University