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Classical Guitar For Dummies

Chappell, Jon / Phillips, Mark


2. Edition May 2022
352 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-87302-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Discover the magic of classical guitar with this fun and easy guide

The perfect starting point to learning classical guitar, Classical Guitar For Dummies, walks you through the steps, techniques, and styles you'll need to finger-pick your way around some of the most beautiful songs ever written.

Whether you're a first timer looking to add your very first classical guitar to your collection or you've already made the jump to the classical style want to pick up some priceless tips, this book is the easy-to-read companion you'll want at your side. You can even play along with audio and video examples at that will help you on your journey toward classical guitar mastery.

In Classical Guitar For Dummies, you'll find:
* Foundational and advanced techniques, from adapting your playing posture to coloring your tone with vibrato
* Tips and tricks on playing classical guitar favorites, like Cavatina by Stanley Myers
* Explorations of classical scales, up and down the guitar neck

Classical Guitar For Dummies is an essential aid for new and aspiring classical guitarists just beginning to learn their craft. More experienced guitarists seeking to improve their fundamentals and learn some new strategies for creating amazing music will also find a ton of useful info inside.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting to Know the Classical Guitar 7

Chapter 1: An Acoustic Guitar in a League of Its Own 9

Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Play 21

Chapter 3: Deciphering Music Notation and Tablature 43

Part 2: Starting to Play: The Basics 59

Chapter 4: One Note at a Time: Playing Simple Melodies 61

Chapter 5: Rolling the Notes of a Chord: Arpeggio Technique 83

Chapter 6: Practicing Scales in First and Second Position 101

Chapter 7: Exploring Musical Textures 123

Part 3: Improving Your Technique 137

Chapter 8: Flat-Fingered Fretting with Barres 139

Chapter 9: Getting a Smooth Sound with Slurs and Trills 149

Chapter 10: Coloring Your Sound with Tone-Production Techniques 161

Chapter 11: Scaling the Musical Ladder beyond Second Position 177

Chapter 12: Combining Arpeggios and Melody 195

Chapter 13: Combining Left-Hand Techniques While Playing up the Neck 217

Part 4: Mastering Classical Guitar Repertoire 229

Chapter 14: Playing Pieces by the Guitar Greats 231

Chapter 15: Early Guitar Music from the Renaissance and Baroque Eras 251

Chapter 16: The Guitar Comes of Age: The Classical, Romantic, and Modern Eras 269

Part 5: The Part of Tens 289

Chapter 17: Ten (Or So) Classical Guitarists You Should Know 291

Chapter 18: Ten Things to Do When Shopping for a Classical Guitar 297

Part 6: Appendixes 303

Appendix A: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance 305

Appendix B: About the Online Tracks and Videos 315

Index 323
Mark Phillips is an author and former director of music at Cherry Lane Music. He has served as music editor of Guitar and Guitar One magazines.

Jon Chappell is a guitarist, author, and former editor-in-chief of Guitar and Home Recording magazines. His work has appeared in Guitar Shop, Keyboard, Electronic Musician, and Guitar Player.