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Performance Management For Dummies

Aguinis, Herman


1. Edition July 2019
368 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-55765-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Implement best-in-class performance management systems

Performance Management For Dummies is the definitive guide to infuse performance management with your organization's strategic goals and priorities. It provides the nuts and bolts of how to define and measure performance in terms of what employees do (i.e., behaviors) and the outcome of what they do (i.e., results) -- both for individual employees as well as teams.

Inside, you'll find a new multi-step, cyclical process to help you keep track of your employees' work, identify where they need to improve and how, and ensure they're growing with the organization--and helping the organization succeed. Plus, it'll show managers to C-Suites how to use performance management not just as an evaluation tool but, just as importantly, to help employees grow and improve on an ongoing basis so they are capable and motivated to support the organization's strategic objectives.
* Understand if your performance management system is working
* Make fixes where needed
* Get performance evaluation forms, interview protocols, and scripts for feedback meetings
* Grasp why people make some businesses more successful than others
* Make performance management a useful rather than painful management tool

Get ready to define performance, measure it, help employees improve it, and align employee performance with the strategic goals and priorities of your organization.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Performance Management 5

Chapter 1: Introducing Performance Management 7

Chapter 2: Making the Case for Performance Management 29

Chapter 3: Designing and Implementing Effective Performance Management 47

Chapter 4: Anticipating and Minimizing Negative Consequences 61

Part 2: Designing an Effective Performance Management System 77

Chapter 5: Delivering Strategic Business Results 79

Chapter 6: Becoming a Performance Management Leader 101

Chapter 7: Defining Performance 121

Chapter 8: Measuring Performance as Results 143

Chapter 9: Measuring Performance as Behaviors 151

Chapter 10: Using Performance Management Analytics 173

Chapter 11: Minimizing Rating Distortion 197

Part 3: Implementing Performance Management Effectively 209

Chapter 12: Creating and Implementing Personal Development Plans 211

Chapter 13: Conducting Effective Review, Disciplinary, and Termination Meetings 233

Chapter 14: Implementing Team Performance Management 247

Chapter 15: Evaluating Your System 269

Part 4: Connecting Performance Management with Rewards and the Law 275

Chapter 16: Offering Financial and Nonfinancial Rewards 277

Chapter 17: Setting Up an Effective Pay System 287

Chapter 18: Staying on the Right Side of the Law 305

Part 5: The Part of Tens 317

Chapter 19: Ten Reasons for Implementing Effective Performance Management 319

Chapter 20: Ten Key Factors for Delivering Outstanding Results 325

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Becoming a Great Performance Management Leader 331

Index 337
Herman Aguinis, PhD, is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at The George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC. He's been ranked among the top 100 most prolific and influential business and economics researchers in the world.