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Noisy Oceans

Monitoring Seismic and Acoustic Signals in the Marine Environment

Bayrakci, Gaye / Klingelhoefer, Frauke (Editor)

Geophysical Monograph Series


1. Edition January 2024
288 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-75089-5
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive review of the sources and impacts of different types of marine noise

Measuring devices such as ocean bottom seismometers and hydrophones designed to detect earthquakes pick up many other signals. These were previously ignored as background noise from unknown sources, but advanced technology now allows insights into the noise created from icebergs, ships, hydrothermal vents, whales, rain, marine engineering, and more.

Noisy Oceans: Monitoring Seismic and Acoustic Signals in the Marine Environment is a comprehensive guide to non-tectonic marine noise originating from different environmental, biological, and anthropogenic sources.

Volume highlights include:
* Overview of marine soundscapes and their sources
* Existing and new methods for studying acoustic signals
* Case studies from around the world
* Spans disciplines from geology and geophysicists to biology
* Explores the impacts and implications of marine noise

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1. An Introduction to the Ocean Soundscape
Gaye Bayracki and Frauke Klingelhoefer

2. Seismic Ambient Noise: Application to Taiwanese Data
Emmy T.Y. Chang, Yung-Cheng Gung, and Ying-Nien Chen

3. Seasonal and Geographical Variations in the Quantified Relationship Between Significant Wave Heights and Microseisms: An Example from Taiwan
Jing-Yi Lin, Chuen-Teyr Terng, Chien-Chih Chen, and Chung-Hsiang Mu

4. Listening for Diverse Signals from Emergent and Submarine Volcanoes
Chastity Aiken

5. Seismic and Acoustic Monitoring of Submarine Landslides: Ongoing Challenges, Recent Successes and Future Opportunities
Michael A. Clare, D. Gwyn Lintern, Edward Pope,Megan Baker, Sean Ruffell, Mohammad Zulkifli, Stephen Simmons, Morelia Urlaub, Belal Mohamed, and Peter J. Talling

6. Iceberg Noise
Vera Schlindwein

7. The Sound of Hydrothermal Vents
Brendan Smith and David Barclay

8. Atypical Signals: Characteristics and Sources of Short Duration Events
Jean B. Tary

9. Short Duration Events Associated with Active Seabed Methane Venting: Scanner Pockmark, North Sea
Gaye Bayrakci, Jonathan M. Bull, Tim A. Minshull, Adam H. Robinson, Aude Lavayssiere, Finnigan Illsley-Kemp, Timothy J. Henstock, Calum Macdonald, and Mark Chapman

10. Ambient Bubble Acoustics: Seep, Rain and Wave Noise
Ben Roche, Timothy G. Leighton, Paul R. White, and Jonathan M. Bull

11. Vocalisations of Baleen Whales
Paul R. White and Victoria Todd

12. Tracking and Monitoring Fin Whales Offshore Northwest Spain Using Passive Acoustic Methods
Jessica Fisher, Timothy A. Minshull, Paul R. White, Baj Tian, and Gaye Bayracki

13. Noise from Marine Traffic
David Dellong, Bazile G. Kinda, and Florent Le Courtois

14. Tracking Multiple Underwater Vessels with a Passive Sonar Using Beamforming and a Trajectory PHD filter
Wei Yi, Ángel F. García-Fernández, and Boxiang Zhang

15. Deciphering the Submarine Soundscape: New Insights, Broader Implications, Future Directions
Gaye Bayracki and Frauke Klingelhoefer
Gaye Bayrakci, National Oceanography Centre, UK

Frauke Klingelhoefer, IFREMER (French National Institute for Ocean Science), France

G. Bayrakci, National Oceanography Centre, UK; F. Klingelhoefer, IFREMER (French National Institute for Ocean Science), France